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Volume 36 (2) 2024




Editorial: The Complex Pattern of Lunar Cycles and Outer Planetary Cycles By Robert Currey

The Electromagnetic Effect of New and Full Moon Phases on Earth by Keith Bound  read abstract

Testing 12 models of Planetary Dominance by Vincent Godbout  read abstract

An Updated Astrological Signature for Male-to-Female Transsexuality by Christopher Benton  read abstract

The Braid of Time: Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune Cycles as Cultural Paradigms by Robert Tulip

Pilot Study of Predicting the Timing of Events Using Horary Astrology Methods by Aleksei Borealis  read abstract

Letter from Wout Heukelom

Letter from Garry Phillipson

Letter from Mike Harding

Volume 36 (1) 2023



Editorial: An Auspicious Start by Robert Currey

The Gods of War: Investigation of the planetary alignments and the onset of war by Tom Stedall  read abstract

The Correlation between Outer Planet Cycles & World News Trends over 38 years by Robert Currey read abstract

A Brief Research Note on an Astrological Condition Related to Male-to-Female
Transsexuality by Christopher Benton  read abstract

The marriage of astrology and AI: A model of alignment with human values and intentions by Ken McRitchie

Replication of the Adjusted Planetary Dominance Model: Testing an independent sample of 61 biographies by Vincent Godbout & Vital Coron  read abstract

A Comparative Study of Zodiacal Signs on the House Cusps of Quadrant and Equal sized House Systems by Kyösti Tarvainen  read abstract

Signs and Houses appear to operate independently in Classical Synastry by Kyösti Tarvainen  read abstract

Understanding Astrology: A Question of Belief By Garry Phillipson  read article in full

Letter from Mike Harding

Volume 35 (2) 2023




Editorial: Quest for Replication and Corroboration by Robert Currey

A Model for Planetary Dominance Convincing Evidence from Biographical
Analysis by Vincent Godbout and Vital Coron read abstract

Square aspects to the Midheaven and Ascendant as an explanation of the
Gauquelin findings by Kyösti Tarvainen and Vincent Godbout read abstract

Planetary orbits and natural numbers by Johnson Holt read abstract

Refuting False Self-Attribution through Empirical Analysis of the
Astrological Elements in Personality Assessments by Robert Currey read abstract

Review Understanding Astrology: A critical review of a thousand
empirical studies 1900- 2020 read article in full

Letter from Jose Beccerra

Letter from Arthur Mather

Volume 35 (1) 2022



Editorial: Quantifying Archetypes by Robert Currey

Alignments of the outer planets & news highlights 1984-2021 by Johnson Holt read abstract

Tight versus wide & applying versus separating aspects by Kyösti Tarvainen read abstract

Opinion Section
    Comparison of critical reviews of research by Robert Currey

    Introduction to his interview with Arthur Mather by Graham Douglas

    Arthur Mather interviewed by Graham Douglas Astrological Research in the Twenty-first Century by Roy Gillett

    Introduction to his interview with Suitbert Ertel by Garry Phillipson

    Suitbert Ertel interviewed by Garry Phillipson

Book Review: David Cochrane’s The Astrology of Bipolar Disorder by Robert Currey

Volume 34 (2) 2022

correlation journal 34 2 2


Editorial: Renaissance or Recent Advances? by Robert Currey

How aspects to Pisces Sun enhance potential fame by Kyösti Tarvainen read abstract

The Physics of the Astrological Ages by Robert Tulip read abstract

Machine learning tackles an ancient claim in Mundane Astrology by Renay Oshop read abstract

Meta-Analysis of Recent Advances in Natal Astrology with a universal Effect Size by Robert Currey read abstract

Patrice Guinard (1957-2021) by Kenneth Irving

The Evidence List 1960-2021 Compiled by Robert Currey

Volume 34 (1) 2021



Editorial: The Past Honoured, Mysteries Unravelled, Secrets Revealed and some Self-Reflection.

Interview with Simon Best, the first editor of Correlation

Confirmation of Ptolemy’s 5-degree rule for Koch and Equal houses by Kyösti Tarvainen

Can success with IVF treatment following astrological advice be accounted for by the Placebo Effect? by Nicola Smuts-Allsop

The New York Suicide Study – Reconsidered and Reversed by Robert Currey

Human longevity, the Gauquelin Effect and Helio-centric cycles by Graham Douglas

Guessing aspects from interviews and obituaries by Kyösti Tarvainen

Book review by Philip Graves: A Critical Introduction to Psychological Astrology with Scientific Backing Authored by Kyösti Tarvainen & Raimo Nikula.

Letter from Gerhard Mayer

Volume 33 (2) 2021



Editorial: Is the P-Value still our Litmus Test?
Robert Currey
Astrology using Progressed Synastry in 1,300 Public Cases. A Validation Study
Paul Westran
To use or not to use midpoints? 
Vincent Godbout
A study of midpoints in theologians’ charts
Kyösti Tarvainen
Statistical studies have started to advance astrological techniques.
Kyösti Tarvainen
Testing astrology based on practice rather than theory.
Robert Currey
Justice for the Supreme Court. Delving beyond a Sun Sign Test of 114 Justices
Robert Currey
Replication of Ertel’s result on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Saturn in Gauquelin Key sectors. 
Graham Douglas

Volume 33 (1) 2020



Roy Gillett “Very Special Thanks to Dr Pat Harris”
Pat Harris “Reflections on 20 years as editor”
Robert Currey “Handing over the Helm”

Is the Gauquelin Effect born at conception?
Michel Gauquelin’s intuition on geomagnetic micro-pulsations
Graham Douglas

Metaphysical Psychology: The 8th Great Problem of Astrology Mike Harding

Flaws in Kennet Gillman’s Planetary sequence and astrological heredity Jan Kampherbeek

Response Kennet Gillman

Response Jan Kampherbeek

Final response: reactions by Kennet Gillman and Jan Kampherbeek

Volume 32 (2) 2020

correlation journal 32 2 1


Editorial: The Evidence Accumulates, but Proof is never possible
The Evidence List: 63 studies
Robert Currey

An Automated Matching Test: Comparing astrological charts with biographies Vincent Godbout

Suicide and Birthtime Peter Fraiss

Estimation of aspect orbs by the computer Kyösti Tarvainen PhD

A Brief Introduction to Qualitative Research in Astrology Glenn Perry

Evaluating the effect of the rounding errors in the Gauquelin data
Kyösti Tarvainen PhD and Vincent Godbout

Volume 32 (1) 2018

correlation journal 32 1 1


Editorial: New Milestones
Planetary influence on the success of NFL Head Coaches
Courtney Roberts

On the astrological polarity in extravert and introvert groups
Kyösti Tarvainen PhD

Can western tropical interpretations apply to the sidereal zodiac?
Robert Currey

Can adolescent behaviour be influenced by lunar phase?
Alex Trenowth

Dean’s serial correlation method doesn’t work in time twin studies
Kyösti Tarvainen PhD

Volume 31 (2) 2018

correlation journal 31 1 1


Editorial – To see or not to see

Obituary for Suitbert Ertel Kenneth Irving

Recollections of Suitbert Ertel Geoff Dean, Jan Ruis and from further friends and colleagues

Eminence Grading Settles the Gauquelin Effect Graham Douglas

Purifying Gauquelin’s Grain of Gold: Planetary Effects Defy Physical Interpretation Suitbert Ertel

Raising the Hurdle for the Athletes’ Mars Effect: Association Co-varies with Eminence Suitbert Ertel

Obituary for Mike Wackford Bernard Eccles

Chart Rulers Work in the Gauquelins’ Data Kyösti Tarvainen, PhD

Do Astrological Signs Correlate with Facebook Usage? Ming Shian Wu

Volume 31 (1) 2018

correlation journal 31 2 1


Can Extraversion [E] and Neuroticism [N] as defined by Eysenck match the Four Astrological Elements?
By Robert Currey 

Planets are strong also according to ordinary astrology in the Gauquelins’ groups.
By Kyösti Tarvainen, PhD 

The rise to power of political figures interpreted with degree symbols.
Chris Borkowski, MPhil

Volume 30 (2) 2016

correlation journal 30 2 1


Obituaries: Dennis Elwell; Michael Startup; Dave Stevens; Jonathan Cainer

Astrology is a Foreign Language
Dennis Elwell

The Moon’s Nodes in the synastry of the Gauquelins’ couples
Kyösti Tarvainen PhD

The relevance of Bayes’ theorem in probability theory
Professor Peter Robert

A major new mundane astrology book by André Barbault
Roy Gillett

Book Review: The New Age in the Modern West: Counterculture, Utopia and Prophecy from the Late Eighteenth Century to the Present Day
Nicholas Campion reviewed by Garry Phillipson

Reviews of Tests of Astrology
Geoffrey Dean and associates: how to post your review online

Volume 30 (1) 2015

correlation journal 30 1 1


Editorial: The key to being a good researcher in astrology? Thinking outside the box

Obituary: Professor Peter Roberts

The relevance of Bayes Theorem in probability theory
Professor Peter Roberts

A famous victory
Roy Gillett

A study of major & minor aspects in theologians’ charts
Kyösti Tarvainen

The Eureka Effect
Nicholas Kollerstrom, PHD

Volume 29 (2) 2014

correlation journal 29 2 1


Effects of Venus/Saturn aspects in marriages by Kyösti Tarvainen

Planetary sequence and astrological heredity: a report by Kennet Gillman

Confirmation bias in the Wyman and Vyse experiment by Kenneth McRitchie

Positive Results in the Book Astrology under Scrutiny by Kyösti Tarvainen

Book Reviews

Astrology and Popular Religion in the Modern West: Prophecy, Cosmology and the New Age Movement by Nicholas Campion, reviewed by Garry Phillipson

Astrology under Scrutiny: Close encounters with science Editor in chief: Wout Heukelom. Guest Editor and Principal Compiler: Geoffrey Dean , reviewed by Robert Currey

Science & Psychic Phenomena – The Fall of the House of Skeptics by Chris Carter, reviewed by Mike Harding

Volume 29 (1)

correlation journal 29 1 1


Editorial – The Moon in the Man

The Solar Matrix by Robert Curry

Favourable astrological factors for mathematicians by Kyösti Tarvainen 

A signal from Saturn in daily temperature data by Bruce Scofield

Comments on In Memoriam Michel Gauquelin 1928-1991 and Françoise Gauquelin 1929-2007 by Suitbert Ertel

Book Review from Nick Kollerstrom:
The Moon and Madness by Niall McCrae


Volume 28 (2)

correlation journal 28 2 1


Editorial: The Mantic and the Metric
Kenneth Irving

The Birth Charts of Male Serial Killers
Jan Ruis

Planetary Weather
Bruce Scofield

A Formula for Orbital Synthesis by Robert Currey
A Brief Memo on LST Effects by Kenneth Irving

From Edward Snow: A Proactive PR Plan for Astrology


Volume 28 (1) 2012

correlation journal 28 1 1


A test of overall validity of astrological statements in the handbook by Sakoian and Acker
Kyöosti Tarvainen 

Henning’s synthesis method shows validity of astrology in the Gauquelins’ data
Kyöosti Tarvainen

Website addresses of potential interest to researchers in astrology
MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology – online distance learning
Research Grants for the Critical Study of Astrology

Book Reviews
The Spirit of Numbers by David Hamblin: Reviewer Christeen Skinner
Planetary Strength: A Commentary on Morinus: Reviewer Wanda Sellar
The Archetypal Cosmos: Rediscovering the Gods in Myth, Science and Astrology: Reviewer Mike Harding