"Tests of Astrology" Reviews

Reviewer Number 2 – ‘Tests of Astrology’: scientifically objective or biased?

‘Tests of Astrology’: scientifically objective or biased?by Jan Ruis Recently ‘Tests of Astrology’ by Dean, Mather, Nias & Smit was published as the successor to ‘Astrology under Scrutiny ‘. The authors are very ambitious: they intend to give an objective assessment and evaluation of more or less all the relevant astrological studies to date, and they have high pretentions: to express a final opinion on the significance of astrology. The previous book has received substantive fundamental criticism, as well as admiration and respect for the tremendous amount of work involved. General criticism concerned the one-sided philosophical approach to which the

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Reviewer Number 1 – MAJOR COMMENTS from Kyösti Tarvainen

Reviewer Number 1 – MAJOR COMMENTS from Kyösti Tarvainen 1.(i) The Gauguelin research: misleading continues Dr. Geoffrey Dean again claims (Section 6.9.2) that almanacs earlier presented Gauquelin plus zones as fortunate places for planets. This claim is, however, based on a translation error. He has translated the French expression “en l’ascendant ou au mileu du ciel” to the expression “above the horizon or culminating”. Note first that it doesn’t read here “past the culmination”, which could refer to the Gauquelian plus zone in the 9th house. Secondly, “en l’ascendant” means “at the Ascendant”, not above the horizon or Ascendant, which

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