The Astrological Association Journal of Research in Astrology

A Brief Research Note on an Astrological Condition Related to Male-to-Female Transsexuality

by Christopher Benton

Despite gaps in its information, Astrodatabank is an online astrological database that is constantly being updated and that contains over seventy thousand horoscopes that are classified in a variety of ways such as traits, diagnoses, passions, and vocations, to name a few, and this database provides many opportunities for statistical analysis. Additionally, one reason for using this database to study male-to-female transsexuality is because it is a relatively rare occurrence in our society, and it is presumed that rare events are much more likely to have easily detectable astrological associations. Thus, after some preliminary exploration of the horoscopes of male-to-female transsexuals, it was observed that having Jupiter in either conjunction or opposition to either Uranus or Neptune occurred more often for male-to-female transsexuals than among those who were not classified as male-to-female transsexuals at Astrodatabank. However…