The Astrological Association Journal of Research in Astrology

How aspects to a Pisces Sun enhance potential fame

by Dr Kyösti Tarvainen, PhD

Correlation, Vol. 34(2) 2022, pp 11-15

This research is a continuation of Michel Gauquelin and Suitbert Ertel’s studies into whether eminent persons have more aspects than expected. “Extreme case sampling” is applied to this issue by anticipating that eminent people with the Sun in Pisces have more aspects to the Sun than expected. This hypothesis is based on the astrological notion that Pisces, as the last sign of the Zodiac, does not have a strong desire for personal advancement. Therefore, for attaining fame, those with the Sun in Pisces would benefit from strong aspects to the Sun. This hypothesis turned out to be valid in a statistically significant way (p = .04) in the group of 1,580 subjects with the Sun in Pisces from the Gauquelins’ collection of famous people. When the sample was limited to those with hard aspects to Mars, Jupiter or Uranus, the significance increased (p = .005; r = .04) This result is consistent with the traditional role of the Sun in the birth chart as a means of self expression and gaining recognition. In addition, there is modest support for the validity of aspects and the tropical sign of Pisces when the aspect excess is compared by degrees with adjacent signs.