The Astrological Association Journal of Research in Astrology

Replication of the Adjusted Planetary Dominance Model Testing an independent sample of 61 biographies

by Vincent Godbout, BA, BSc, and Vital Coron

The present article showcases a replication of our original study (2023) by using entirely independent data, ensuring the robustness of the Adjusted Planetary Dominance model. In the new sample of 61 subjects, the success rate is obtained by comparing the dominant planets calculated by this model against the dominant planets determined from the subjects’ biographies. Our model successfully identified the biographical dominance with a success rate that could be achieved by chance only 3.2 times out of 100,000 trials
(p-value = 3.2E-05; r = .51). To illustrate the importance of dominance for astrological analysis accuracy, we asked a large AI language model (ChatGPT) to write two versions of a portrait of the same famous individual using the ordered keywords of two astrological profiles of this person obtained by assigning two different dominances, one of which was the Astrotheme Dominance (, 2023) and the other the Adjusted Planetary Dominance (Godbout and Coron, 2023).