The Astrological Association Journal of Research in Astrology

Square aspects to the Midheaven and Ascendant as an explanation of the Gauquelin findings

by Dr Kyösti Tarvainen & Vincent Godbout

Correlation, Vol. 35(2) 2023, pp 31-40

The study explored the possibility that aspects to angles could explain some of the baffling observations by Michel Gauquelin. In many groups of the Gauquelin data, a planet (for example, Mars for sports champions) is in the 12th house relatively more often than in the 1st house, traditionally considered a house that strengthens planets. Mars is also relatively more often in the 9th house than in the traditionally potent 10th house. It turned out that, in the case of sports champions (Mars), military leaders (Mars) and medical doctors (Mars), the Gauquelin results can be explained by conventional western astrology as follows. Because of accidental demographic and astronomical regularities in these data sets, Mars in the 12th house forms a square aspect to the MC more often than in the 1st house and a square to the Ascendant in the 9th house more often than in the 10th house. Thus, these squares of Mars to the angles seem more powerful in characterizing sports champions than the position of Mars in the 1st and 10th houses. Thereby top athletes with Mars in the 12th house have an advantage over those with Mars in the 1st house. Similarly, those with Mars in the 9th house are more advantaged than those with Mars in the 10th house. Among actors (Jupiter), soldiers (Jupiter) and politicians (Jupiter), a corresponding explanation concerning Jupiter’s square to the Ascendant worked for the 9th and 10th houses. Moreover, in many of the remaining cases, conventional astrology’s interpretation of houses seemed capable of explaining the Gauquelin results. Thus, it is becoming likely that well-known astrological concepts can explain Gauquelin’s findings.